Professional Services

In addition to carrying out our programs and projects in the area of disaster risk reduction, climate change action, and community development, A2D Project offers a number of professional services geared towards supporting and building capacities for evidence-informed development practice.  For more information regarding the kinds of services we offer, rates, and work packages, please contact us.

What we offer

Various promising initiatives often go unrecognized because of the lack of documentation and opportunities for sharing information and lessons learned.  A2D Project has developed expertise in process documentation and development communication which aims to support you and your organization’s endeavors to disseminate your experiences and innovative work.

We carry out evaluative, policy, and action research suited to your needs and resources.  We have a multidisciplinary pool of technical experts who can provide your needs for a wide array of studies such as baseline and endline studies, surveys, rapid assessments, impact evaluations, and policy research, to name a few, to aid you in decision-making and project development or management.

We are committed to building capacities of civil society organizations, local governments and agencies, and other development stakeholders in program planning, implementation, and monitoring.  We provide technical expertise to aid organizations and agencies is developing plans, and ensuring that programs generate the desired output.  A2D Project also designs and conducts tailor-made trainings in order to strengthen organizational capabilities.

A2D Project provides backstopping support to organizations who seek assistance in developing project proposals or project management systems.  We facilitate processes for project conceptualization, proposal writing, and project implementation monitoring and evaluation.