Dear Friends,

There are many things you can do to help achieve a better society for the Philippines.  At A2D Project, we dedicate our time and energy towards supporting civic-driven initiatives and local development through research, advocacy, and partnerships. Because of your continued support, we have flourished into a recognized social development organization currently making important contributions to improving lives.  We thank you for believing in the work that we do which has allowed to achieve meaningful results.

There is more to what we do than just research.

Our work is anchored on a deep commitment towards creating partnerships to address Philippine society’s various development concerns one step at a time: in assisting local governments in creating policies that empower women, children and persons with disabilities; in building collaborative environments for enhancing community resilience to disasters and climate change; in nurturing community participation to enable people to create local and practical initiatives to enrich their quality of life.

There is more that YOU can do to inspire change.

Donating to A2D Project means believing in the power of information to effect the change we want to see in our society.  It means helping to cultivate a culture of evidence-informed planning and program design to ensure effective and inclusive development outcomes.  It means affirming the relevance of continuously searching for alternatives towards the betterment of Philippine society.

It means YOU care.


If you want to make a donation, please contact us to find out how:

Telephone: (032) 268 3746

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Simply click DONATE TO A2D and send your donation through our Paypal Account.  Credit and Debit Cards are accepted.